Spare Parts Division

The Sweeper Brush Company offers a comprehensive range of parts and supplies including Replacement Brushes, Hoses, Panel Filters, Squeegees, Skirts & Seals, Detergents and Vacuum Fans.


  • Replacement Brushes 

To suit: Tennant, American Lincoln, Powerboss, Hako, Advance & Bobcat.

  • Materials 

Which include High Density Nylon, Poly & Wire, Natural Fibre, Polypropylene & Wire. *Specially made brushes to suit unique environments are available.

  • Panel Filters          

Australian made panel filters with superior quality seals, wider pleating and extra strength frame. Available in a standard paper configuration or a WATERPROOF polyester design. Why not trade up to a better quality, longer lasting filter ?

  • Squeegees, Skirts & Seals  

Squeegees and skirts available for most machines and available in gum rubber, Linatex and oil resistant rubber. Save money with Australian made quality parts.

  • Detergent             

Available in liquid and granular form. Designed especially for use in floor scrubbers. Low foaming, recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Vacuum Fans

Available for most scrubbing machines in 12, 24, and 36 volt configuration.

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